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The Importance of Soil Chemisty

Every gardener strives to grow the tastiest vegetables around, but that goal is often difficult to achieve. Whether you want to raise prize-winning pumpkins or just want to fill the kitchen with home-grown vegetables, there are some things you can do in order to ensure your garden is in the best shape possible. Soil chemistry […]

Growing Your Own Herbs

If you’re not the type of person who wants to spend their time managing an elaborate fruit or vegetable garden, you might consider planting and maintaining an herb garden. You can still enjoy the constant availability of fresh, delicious herbs to flavor your meals with. Firstly you should choose the herbs that you’ll plant. Take […]

Tomato Troubles and Diseases

A glance through any gardening book will list a whole host of potential problems with tomatoes – but don’t let this put you off. Out in the garden things are really a whole lot simpler. Here are the most common issues you might face growing tomatoes. All of them are quite simple to deal with, […]

Container Gardening – Growing Vegetables in Pots

Does your vegetable garden consist of a small balcony, a few yards between your garage and your neighbor’s fence, a great expanse of paving without a single blade of grass? If you’re short on space, consider growing vegetables in containers. Flowers grow well in pots, and what’s good enough for flowers is good enough for […]

Vegetable Gardening – Back in Fashion

These days vegetable gardening is almost fashionable. With the growing concern about eating organic, about treading lightly on the planet and about stretching the budget as far as it will go, vegetable gardening is once again popular. What would our grandparents say? But all that aside, vegetable gardening can produce vegetables that are usually cheaper […]

Growing Orange Trees

With a bit of care and attention, oranges, lemons and even limes can be grown in any climate. While the warmer climates are certainly more suited to citrus fruits, gardeners in frosty areas can still grow citrus very successfully in containers that can be protected from the cold.

  • Vegetables

  • Beans


    Just 66 days after germination these heavy yielding pole beans are ready to eat. They
  • Tomatoes


    The sandwich tomato. When transplanting tomatoes, bury half of the stem after you have taken
  • Cucumbers


    An All-American Winner! These perfectly straight cucumbers have sweet, mild flesh. The excellent flavor
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  • Worm Farms

    Worm Farms

    Worm composting is an incredibly efficient way to convert kitchen scraps, junk mail and cardboard
  • Irrigation Systems

    Irrigation Systems

    The Ultimate Raised Bed Drip Irrigation Kit is a self contained kit that includes everything
  • Compost Tumblers

    Compost Tumblers

    This composter is perfect for someone who only needs a moderate amount of compost.
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  • Vegetable Garden Stands

    Vegetable Garden Stands

    Now you can plant, weed, grow and harvest your garden without ever having to get down on your hands and knees! The 36″ height is perfect for standing while working. This raised garden center is constructed of insect and weather resistant cedar. The bottom is made of cedar slats with our unique liner that permits excess water to pass through, but holds the soil in place.

  • Raised Garden Beds

    Raised Garden Beds

    Raised bed gardening offers higher yields, provides optimal soil conditions and offers improved drainage. Greenes Fence Raised beds are easy to access and maintain, can be placed almost anywhere and assemble without tools.

  • Garden Edging

    Garden Edging

    Border edging can keep weeds, grass, and stray hoses out of your gardening beds, and the Quick Edge border offers you an easy way to achieve the look. No digging is required; just slide sections together and tap into place with a mallet. The bricklike poly is sturdy and weatherproof, and is designed for season after season of year-round use.

  • Walk-In Greenhouses

    Walk-In Greenhouses

    Extend the growing season with this greenhouse. Heavy gauge extruded aluminum construction means optimal durability. With shelving to the left and right as you walk in, there’s plenty of room for vertical gardening, which means more floor space for larger plants.

  • Compost Bins

    Compost Bins

    SoilSavers Compost Bin saves money by reducing landfill cost, hauling cost and curbside pickup and can recycle up to 30% of your household waste. It produces rich organic soil for healthier plants and gardens. Now you can do your part to not only help the environment, but also your family with the SoilSaver. Soil produced is natures’ own fertilizer & soil conditioner Includes free composting guide “A Sense of Humus”

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